Grants ranging from $100 - $5,000 may be awarded as funds are available and dispersed to persons at any stage of adoption and foster care prior to finalization. Grants are to be used towards fees for home studies and home improvements, furniture purchases deemed necessary to pass a home study, for travel, birth mother expenses, or adoption fees. Grants are given only to distinctively Christian families and singles who can sign our Statement of Faith. We work with one family at a time in our grant program. We will post here when we are looking for additional families to apply.

No Interest Loans

This program is not funded. We will update this page with more details when the program is open. Please contact us if you would be interested in funding or fundraising for a loan for this program. Our dream is to one day offer no-interest loans ranging from $1,000 - $15,000 that may be made available and dispersed to persons who have completed a home study and are in the waiting stage to be matched with a birth mother or have already been matched (internationally or domestically). The repayment time will be set to between one year and three years, depending on the family’s ability to repay. It is advised that families use the federal adoption tax credit, when they have finalized the adoption, in order to repay this loan. When available, no-interest loans are given to distinctively Christian families or singles who can sign our Statement of Faith.

Offer Blessings

We want to encourage you to take small steps to offer Little Blessings to foster and adoptive families in your life. These don't have to cost a lot of money to make an impact.


One of our board members met Mama "B" at an adoption conference. She noticed on Instagram they were feeling discouraged and reached out to ask, “How can we help?” She then sent an email asking for donations and we met the need. We were able to raise money for her to buy a year's worth of diapers. BUT LISTEN..she would have been encouraged by 1 box of diapers being sent via Amazon Prime to her house. Take action. Small efforts can make a huge impact on families who are giving, and giving, and giving. ​


We are all called to love orphans and vulnerable children and we here at Little Blessings are doing that by supporting foster & adoptive parents, one family at a time. They are real life heroes in our culture.

GIVE TODAY TO HELP adoptive and Foster families