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I am a mother of six pretty incredible kids ages 11 and under. Four of my kids were adopted (one internationally, three through foster care) and two of our sons we made ourselves. Prior to becoming parents my husband and I were houseparents at a children’s home and had the privilege of helping to raise 17 boys during our five year tenure.

Our mission is to bring joy and purpose to the foster care community.

I’m Liz. And I’m a new foster mom. I’m other things as well, but this foster care journey is changing a lot of me. It’s opening up my eyes. And my heart. To more than myself. At first, I found it hard to find words. But slowly I’m realizing it helps to share. To open up about our experiences. To learn to laugh and cry together. Will you open up with me?

Moms need refreshing truth to be repeated over and over and over. In every moment - when we think are doing good enough job and when we think we are the worst mom on the planet. And that's what we care about communicating here at Risen Motherhood: The good news that when we live in light of the resurrection of Christ, we can have a secure identity and be part of a bigger story - God's redemption story.

What is best for a child? If it’s your child, this is a question that you get to answer. You may have wildly different parenting techniques, values, or ideas than your friends or community, but you get to decide.  But who answers this question for the orphaned and vulnerable children of this world? What is best for them? Is it adoption? We believe we owe it to these children and their families to dig deep and find out.

I am a bio mama to four beautiful kiddos and I have called twelve other babies mine since starting our journey as a foster family in 2012. We say yes to the hard and crazy as we follow Jesus on this journey of surrender and obedience.

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